Easyfairs introduces EasyGo

As an exhibitor..

you fill in your online profile with company information and product information in My Easyfairs prior to the exhibition. Your profile will be shared with visitors who have expressed an interest during Installatie Vakbeurs at the end of the exhibition. You decide which information you want to share. The more your profile is completed in the months before the exhibition, the more information is shared with potential new business relations.

The visitor...

can view your company information and products / services prior to the exhibition through your My Easyfairs profile. During Installation Vakbeurs Hardenberg they can scan exhibitors with their Smart Badge, to receive all information (from your My Easyfairs profile) of the scanned booths directly in their mailbox afterwards. Even when there has not been a face to face conversation during the event, relevant information can be exchanged between exhibitor and visitor.

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