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ACIN instrumenten designs, produces and maintains measuring and control instrumentation for indoor and outdoor climate. ACIN has the expertise, in house production, quality brands and maintenance and calibration facilities to support our customers.

In house design and production combined with exclusive representations of international renowned manufacturers makes it possible to anticipate on all desires of our customers. ACIN has extended calibration facilities, like a measuring laboratory for pressure (0..6000 Pa) operating under a ISO-17025 regime. Well-known products are FlowFinder® and VentiFlow®, well known brands are for example Rotronic and Setra.

Highlighted product

ACIN VentiFlow-mk2

ACIN VentiFlow-mk2 The ideal instrument for checking and balancing ventilation systems. Besides the familiar and successful FlowFinder-mk2, ACIN has developed a unique new instrument in cooperation with TNO: VentiFlow-mk2. The new VentiFlow-mk2, with a measuring range from 10 to 100 m3 /h, is the ideal instrument to quickly check and balance delicate ventilation systems. The VentiFlow-mk2 comes with the patented flow rectifier in the cone which makes the measurements sufficiently accurate on both exhaust and supply diffusers also with clean zone. The VentiFlow-mk2 is standard tested in our ISO 17025 certified wind tunnel before delivery, so you are guaranteed to get a top quality product. The VentiFlow-mk2 measures very fast, which means that you can save a lot of time in control projects and get a quick return on your investment. For € 850 you buy a great instrument, perfect for the adjustment of homes in a sturdy case that also serves as a stepping stone. Soon there will also be an APP available for Android and Apple.

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