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Aqualisa is the market leading brand in the UK for bath- and showersystems. We are the inventor of the SmartValve technology which mixes water electronically with more precision.

A company which has won different awards such as the Red Dot design Award for our Quartz product range.

Highlighted product

Aqualisa SmartValve™ electronical mixer

An electronical mixer gives the user full control on the most important specifications such as temperature, water flow and consumption. It is an ingenious system that has taken years of R&D to develop. From a technical point of view the electronical mixer can be divided into 2 parts – The brain and the body. In this case, the brain of the electronical mixer comes in the form of a computer (SmartValve™) which is not directly visible for the user. The SmartValve™ mixes hot and cold water with an electronical valve instead of a classical, thermostatic valve. Compared to the classic mechanical valve measures the electronical valve de temperature with an incredible precision of 100 times per second. This means that you are able to enjoy a constant flow at exactly the desired temperature. The connection between the systems is very simple and reliable with push fit connectors and plug ‘n play with the controller. It can be installed everywhere within 10 metres from the shower. The only thing that needs to be taken into account is that the SmartValve™ needs to be installed somewhere easily accesible in case of the need to carry out maintenance. And the body? Unlike traditional, thermostatic mixers, the mixing proces is therefore placed outside the shower area. This leaves a clean design that not only looks minimalistic, but also offers flexibility in your bathroom. Our flagship product range, the Quartz range, is about the challenge conventional showering methods, offering excellent temperature stability, flow control and a simple start/ stop option. The days of turning the temperature dials and soaking in ice-cold water are gone forever.

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