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CJPG Technical Maintenance bv is specialized in technical and hygienic maintenance of installations such as air treatment systems, grease extraction systems in kitchens, evaporators, condensers and air conditioning systems.

We focus on the complete technical and hygienic management of installations and buildings. Many companies make the choice to outsource the entire technical and hygienic maintenance package to specialized companies.

You can hand over the complete technical and hygienic management of your installations and buildings to CJPG. Our main thing is to guarantee and continue quality maintenance.

In collaboration with partners such as Elis Nederland bv and Sterisafe, we are constantly looking for the balance between required and necessary maintenance on one hand and cost savings on the other.

A good example of this is the use of ozone equipment for the breakdown of grease in kitchen exhaust systems. Permanent degradation of this contamination contributes to the necessary maintenance and also saves costs on cleaning installations and the number of filter changes. Fire safety is also permanently controlled in this way.

In addition to technical maintenance, hygienic maintenance has become an increasingly important factor. Mold, bacteria and viruses increasingly threaten our living environment. The risks of growth and contamination by various mirco-organisms are eliminated by cleaning and subsequently disinfecting air treatment systems, cooling batteries, heat exchangers, as well as the entire living environment.

You will find CJPG Technical Maintenance mainly in the:
Food industry;
Health care sector;
Technical industry;
Catering industry;
Building management;
Maritime industry, both on and offshore;

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