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FabricAir designs and produces custom air dispersion and air distribution solutions for a wide range of applications. In 1973 we installed the world’s first fabric ducting system, which heralded a whole new way of thinking within HVAC/R and IAQ.

We continue to be at the forefront of innovation and proudly deliver superior air dispersion across the globe through sales companies and a substantial distributor network.

Our experienced engineers ensure ideal air flow regardless of project complexity. We are headquartered in Denmark and all systems are produced to measure at our facility in Lithuania.

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The FabricAir® VarioDuct™ provides different flow models for cooling and/or heating purposes. It is tailored with an internal membrane that separates the two airflows. Depending on which flow pattern location is needed, a damper changes position and moves the internal membrane either up or down covering half of the duct. The upper and lower sections can even be designed with their own unique static pressure and air volume to meet the specific requirements and comfort levels of the application. ΔT may vary from low to high between the two sections. This is customized using differing flow models, thus ensuring a high level of comfort regardless of which section is in use. Product Features The FabricAir® VarioDuct™ features an internal membrane to separate the two airflows for heating and/or cooling purposes. This membrane is kept in place by the static pressure, thus does not flutter, providing the perfect airflow for each purpose; heating or cooling. Connection between damper and membrane is one zipper away – fast and easy! The membrane solution is available for any length of straight and round duct without bends and elevations. The damper is operated manually or automatically with a motorized actuator, allowing the membrane to switch positions. The damper can be controlled using a simple room sensor or via the building’s BMS system.

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