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Hero Balancer is a Cloud-based Building Management System (BMS). We make your climate installation smart with our unique algorithm. Our plug-and-play control box can be used as an addition to the existing system or completely replace the current control system. We connect the climate system to the Cloud and prevent unnecessary heating and cooling.

The modular hardware makes the BMS easy to install and to adjust after installation. The software is also modular. This means that control-technical changes after changes to the installation are virtually free of charge. An additional pump group or HRV can be configured in a few clicks in the admin dashboard.

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Hero Gateway

The Hero Gateway is our latest hardware innovation. With the Hero Gateway you can easily and cost-effectively bring standalone OpenTherm or EMS boilers to the Cloud. In addition to controlling the boiler, the Hero Gateway also reads out all parameters of the boiler. When approaching/reaching set limits, you will receive a notification in your Hero admin dashboard. This way you know in time when a boiler needs maintenance / replacement. Data points that the Hero Gateway reads include: – Error codes – Water pressure – Number of burner starts – Number of burning hours – Flow and return temperature The Hero Gateway offers you the tools to plan your maintenance more efficiently. This way you can do more work with the same number of people. Applications for the Hero Gateway are: – Controlling an extra boiler in a separate boiler room at your project. Avoid time-consuming and expensive cable pulling – As an extension for the existing Hero building management systems to be able to monitor the systems even more effectively You can access all these functions via the admin dashboard. For the end user there is a new app that gives them insight into the indoor climate and energy consumption and they have control over time schedules. In this way you also offer your customer a better and more user-friendly system. Want to know more about the Hero Gateway? Visit us at the installation trade fair in Hardenberg at stand 172 or call us 0229 769 009

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