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North of Freiburg in Waldkirch and Denzlingen in the middle of the Breisgau / “Schwarzwald” is the headquarters and manufacturing site of HUMMEL AG, which can now look back on more than 70 years of company history.

HUMMEL AG – Problem solvers for heating and drinking water systems
We offer research, construction, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, galvanic technology and assembly all in-house, which creates optimum conditions for bundled know-how. For our customers it means:
• Shortest route from development to end product.
• Short response time due to high and well-arranged production speed.
• Short delivery times due to own inventory.
In the development of our products it is assumed that not only optimum functionality is required but also simplicity and reliability. We develop, produce and sell proverbial quality from the Black Forest:
• Solutions for drinking water systems
• Connection technology
• Radiator connections
• Emptying
• Venting
• Plugs and Reducers
• Accessories

Highlighted product

Vent valves

Here is the original: The HUMMEL vent valve. HUMMEL AG patented this technology around 50 years ago. Today, HUMMEL still sets the technical standards and offers a wide range of vent valve variants.

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