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Let Things Talk creates a healthy, energy-efficient and enjoyable learning and working environment. Let Things Talk achieves this by developing and delivering an intelligent software platform and associated sensors. With this, Let Things Talk contributes to a sustainable society.

With the LTT Platform, Let Things Talk introduces a whole new way of proactive and intelligent ventilation, heating and lighting based on the total measured air quality and the occupation/use of spaces.

We are looking for innovative partners who want to bring our services to the attention of their customers and install and configure them there.

Installation partners of Let Things Talk supply, install and configure our smart solutions mainly in education, healthcare, hospitality and business.

More info: https://letthingstalk.nl/partner-worden/

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The LTT AIRHUB V21 continuously measures temperature, CO2, particulate matter, air pressure, humidity, TVOC and light output . This data is stored for up to 5 years. The LTT AIRHUBs are interconnected and connected to the LTT platform via WiFi, Ethernet or LoRa and work autonomously. An internet network connection is not required for the system to function. Using the built-in Zigbee controller and Bluetooth controller, we directly control your smart thermostats and smart plugs . We link the LTT platform with your building management system, with which we can control your lighting, heating and ventilation in a super intelligent way . We do this in collaboration with your installer, by making the data available in the language of the installation industry, including BACnet, Modbus and well-known PLC protocols. By means of the 3 color LEDs on the front sensor, the status of the current CO2 value is visually displayed and thus complies with the Dutch Building Decree. The LTT LTT AIRHUB V21 is a sensor with embedded software interface and is managed in the associated LTT Platform in the cloud.

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