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MAGNUM Heating is a Dutch company and manufacturer of underfloor heating systems. We offer a complementary program based on electricity and water technology for applications in the field of Comfort and Safety with Control Systems as the connecting factor.

In addition to an all-round product program, we also offer all possibilities when it comes to engineering, quotation elaboration and on-site support. We have been operating in the market for 25 years and continuously invest in new, innovative products. Because of this experience we are an all-round specialist in underfloor heating.

Our products are exclusively supplied through technical wholesalers.

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NEW: MAGNUM Remote Control. The smart WiFi thermostat for electric underfloor heating

The MAGNUM Remote Control (MRC) is the most advanced thermostat for electric floor heating. This thermostat can be operated via the built-in touchscreen, via the free App (iOS & Android) and also works with the voice assistants of Google and Amazon. In developing this new thermostat, we have first of all based on ease of use. The MRC thermostat therefore has a completely new user interface that is intuitive to operate. Cleverly controlled The MRC calculates the warm-up time itself. All you have to do is enter the periods in which you want your floor to warm up. It gradually learns the ideal warm-up time of the floor and automatically adjusts its program accordingly. So if you set that you want the floor to be at 23°C at 7 o’clock in the morning, the thermostat will do the rest. 3 in 1 operation The MRC can be controlled via the touchscreen on the thermostat. In addition, you can remotely control the thermostat anytime and anywhere via your smartphone via the App (iOS and Android). It also works together with the voice assistants of Google and Amazon. This allows you to set the thermostat higher or lower or ask what the current temperature of your floor is. Standard delivered with every set The MRC comes standard with every MAGNUM Mat, Cable and Foil underfloor heating set including a built-in air sensor and floor sensor. Because of the smart design, this built-in thermostat fits on any single and multiple switching material. Functions Thermostat with Wifi function Color LCD screen Full touch screen operation Free App available for iOS and Android Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa Chameleon function (4 color themes) Screensaver night clock Automatic startup menu Intelligent and self-learning Slow startup function Wooden floor function (limited 28°C) Backup function Automatic summer & winter time Multi program function (up to 3 periods p/day) Equipped with 10 languages Including floor sensor (12K) and air sensor

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