Piguillet & Zonen

About us

Piguillet has a wide range of services which we have been providing for the largest and most beautiful clients for 25 years clients are allowed to perform.

We are specialized in Non-Residential & Residential Building, but just like any professional, we are also specialized in healthcare, food, industry and shipping.

Our services here consist of:

* Retrofit (making your current ventilation more sustainable).

* Air Duct Cleaning
* Air treatment cabinet Recondition.
* Condenser Coating.
* Fat Channel Cleaning.
* Water-side Cleaning.
* Air and Water Side Balancing.
* Filter change.
* Drawing up a Maintenance Plan.
* Microbiological Research in our Laboratory.
* Periodic Checks (incl. Camera Inspection).
* Apply Fire valves.
* Exchange of Ventilation Systems.



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