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About Quooker
In 1970 Henri Peteri invented the Quooker, the very first boiling water tap in the world. His sons continue the mission of their (now deceased) father with boundless energy. In 2019 they introduced “the tap that does it all”. In addition to boiling, a Quooker can now also provide warm, cold, chilled and sparkling water. A true revolution for kitchens worldwide!

The ambition
Quooker is a family business, built on enthusiasm and entrepreneurship. The pride of Henri Peteri, father of Quooker directors Walter and Niels Peteri and inventor of the boiling water tap, can still be felt. Quooker’s home base is Ridderkerk. In our modern and sustainable business complex, hundreds of people work passionately every day on our shared ambition: to supply as many private kitchens as possible with boiling water in a smart and responsible way. Together we develope new ideas and design solutions to make the taps even more energy-saving, even more easier to use and even more beautiful.

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