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Since its foundation in 1959, STULZ has developed in the BENELUX into a worldwide leading supplier of climate solutions. Precision cooling, comfort cooling, humidification and heatpumps, nowadays it is no longer a question of which separate system should be used, but more about what the best total solution is for the task in question. STULZ is your partner in climate solutions.

The originally German company is characterized by intensive contact with its customers, an innovative character and a pioneering role in the introduction of airconditioning in the Netherlands. We are specialists in our field and have a high level of technical expertise in datacenters that extends far beyond our core business. The STULZ range includes precision cooling such as: traditional cooling room cooling, high-density cooling, chillers, container modules and airhandling units with adiabatic cooling. STULZ profiles itself as the partner for climate solutions with products in precision cooling, comfort cooling, air humidification and heat pumps. STULZ markets the brands of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, CAREL and REMKO.

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ClimaPac Compact

ClimaPac Air Handling Units Series offer flexible and modular configurable solutions, adapting to the needs of the most demanding proyects with air flows up to 160.000 m³ / h. Taking into account that 80% of the units demanded by the market cover up to 15,000 m³ / h, STULZ has opti-mized the range, developing the ClimaPac Compact series with new configurations and more compact sizes to adapt to these requirements, offering a quick response in the market. Climapac Compact is a low consumption and high energy efficiency solution certified by Eurovent, with different heat recovery extraction options according to the Ecodesign directive. A Plug & Play control system, specifically preconfigured at the factory for these compact sizes, is incorporated, allowing efficient management of the components and assuring their perfect integration, in terms of control and communication. Likewise, in the continuous search to develop integral solutions, as an option it is possible to add an extension frame to integrate the condenser with the AHU, both being compatible with the same controller. Adapting to the specific requirements of each project, optionally also, ClimaPac provides an outdoor configurati-on designed with additional protection of the unit and its components in case it needs to be installed outdoors. Designed for commercial applications, it is the ideal solution for reduced spaces, in comfort applications with decentralized ventilation systems such as administrative, residential, restaurants, sports facilities, shops, educati-onal buildings or any application where space is a determining factor. ClimaPac Compact offers more for less: Optimized sizes and design Reduced footprint Adaptability, quick response to the market High energy efficiency technology Air quality, different filtration options Integrated control Plug & Play solution Easy assembly and installation

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