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About TECE
TECE is a worldwide manufacturer of sanitary products and installation systems, such as prefabricated skids and modular walls, pipe systems, underfloor heating, drainage technology and flushing technology. As an independent family business, we have been close to people and markets for more than 30 years. Our interest in the world of our customers leads to well thought-out products and services and will continue to be our driving force for innovation in the future. We provide new impulses to the market with products that make everything possible. With well thought-out solutions, reliable technology, permanent functions and timeless design.

TECE meets the requirements and needs of planners, installers and bathroom designers using three defined areas of competence: Project & Planning, Installation & Assembly and Design & Layout. We are very strong in these three areas with our systems, products and services. TECE’s products and services make project construction more reliable, working on the construction site easier and offer more space and comfort in terms of design and use.

Push-fit piping system saves 30% on installation time
During Installatie Vakbeurs Hardenberg 2021, TECE Nederland presents a number of products and systems that make project construction safer, work on the construction site easier and that offer more space and comfort in terms of design and use. Take, for example, the push-fit piping system TECElogo, suitable for central heating and drinking water installations. Thanks to the plug fittings, the connections can be made entirely by hand. This saves approximately 30% on installation time! It is a matter of calibrating the pipe, inserting the pipe into the fitting and you’re done: the connection is made and is immediately solid. Thanks to the unambiguous and simple way of processing, TECElogo is very suitable for prefab.

Shower profile can be placed directly against the wall
In the field of drainage technology, TECE presents shower profile TECEdrainprofile. This new shower profile can be shortened in width and can thus be precisely adapted to the dimensions of the shower. Because the shower profile can be placed directly against the wall, smaller tile fragments around are not necessary. Another great advantage over a shower channel is that the shower profile can still be adjusted in all directions after the drain has been placed in the screed. All this ensures more security, easier work and a better result.

An affordable shower toilet
TECE proves that the hygienic luxury of a shower toilet can also be affordable with the new shower toilet TECEone. TECE has deliberately kept the technology to a minimum for easy installation. The TECEone works without electricity, pump or electronics and is therefore very reliable and less susceptible to failure. Smart product features ensure ease of installation and save time. In addition, you can count on a hygienic, rimless toilet, a high-quality design and an ergonomic toilet seat with soft-close function.

Especially for the market segment of public and semi-public toilets, TECE is introducing the new series of flush plates TECEsolid, which combines robust properties with high-quality design. Thanks to its robust brushed stainless steel surface and theft protection, the TECEsolid flush plate is particularly suitable for use in public areas. On the other hand, thanks to the high-quality design, the flush plate also comes into its own in the more luxurious bathroom. The flush-mounted flush plate, which is only six millimeters thick, is manufactured in a robust sandwich construction: a two millimeter thick metal plate protects the plastic frame against harsh conditions, especially at a high frequency of use. The front can be screwed on concealed to protect against theft.

The surface of the new TECEvelvet flush plate looks as irregular as a hilly landscape under a microscope. The unique structure diffuses the light instead of reflecting it and gives TECEvelvet its extremely matte appearance. A new generation of acrylic resin forms a closed surface and prevents the ingress of dust and water. The ideal material for wet areas.

The shape of the TECEloop flush plate can’t be improved much, but we’ve given the surface a makeover. We present new front panels of this design classic in Concrete, oak, marble, slate and new colors of glass.
The TECE modular system consists of a front plate and buttons. The wide choice of materials and colors guarantees the perfect flush plate for every taste and interior.

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