Intesis OCPP to MODbus gateway


Integrate Electric Vehicles Charging points based on OCPP 1.6 with any Modbus RTU or TCP controller or connect the chargers to an external OCPP Central System (CS) and monitor them via Modbus. This gateway offers 2 type of OCPP functionalities configurable in MAPS tool:

– BMS Central System: The gateway makes accessible basic operations of the Charging points from a Modbus PLC, making the BMS the Central System of the EV charging operation.

– External OCPP central system: The gateway acts as a bridge between an external OCPP CS and the OCPP chargers, allowing to monitor metering and status information of the connected chargers.

Support for OCPP 1.6 JSON
Support for Modbus RTU and TCP
Flexible Modbus configuration (Baudrate, Data type)
OCPP Scan to search Chargers in the network
Fix Modbus register map
OCPP operations supported in BMS CS mode:
-Authorize, RemoteStart/Stop Transaction, Start/StopTransaction, Local list management, HeartBeat and MeterValues
OCPP readings supported in External CS mode:
– Charger info, availability and MeterValues
Reduced dimensions, compact housing
UL certified



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