New: Easily collecting exhibitors' information with the Smart Badge

From the next edition of Installatie Vakbeurs on, it will be even easier for visitors to collect information during their visit. With the arrival of the “Smart Badge technology” the visitor can easily scan interesting stands with the visitor badge that they receive upon arrival.

After their visit, the visitor receives all the information from the scanned stands directly in their mailbox. The exhibitor fills in his or her online profile prior to the event and all information from this profile is forwarded to the visitor after he or she visited. The more extensive the exhibitor fills his or her online profile, the more relevant information the visitor collects. Even when there is no face-to-face conversation with the exhibitor on the exhibition floor, the visitor can still collect relevant information.


Benefits for you as a visitor

Your badge is your virtual carrier bag

Lifting heavy bags with brochures and catalogs is a thing of the past!

You know exactly how many stands you visited.

After your visit you will receive an e-mail with an overview.

No spam

You will only receive digital information from the exhibitors whom you’re interested in.

Exchange digital business cards

The Smart Badge let’s you exchange business cards digitally.

How does it work?

Touch the badge reader of the exhibitor with your badge

The green light comes on and you hear a sound.

You will receive all collected exhibitor information later in the day.

After your visit you will reveice an e-mail with all the information of your scanned exhibitors.

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